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Патека Pitbike PH10L 140
Description of bikPH10L 140 is high end pitbike bike of BOSUER pitbike series for professional. It is equipped with 140cc engine, air cooled, 4-stroke. The engine power is 75kw at 7000rpm.




140CC,kick start ,liquad cooled, 4-stroke

описи на производи

Chassis is BOSUER  exlusively designed for high end pitbike, the frame can accept from 125cc to 140cc, 150cc, 160cc and 190cc. There are 3 bars structured together and connect with strong died cast side legs. There are exquisite parts on the frame to fixed with other parts, such as the formed plate on sub-frame, fast fixing mount for swing arm axle. Swing arm is knife shape in steel material.

The suspenssion are non-adjustable both front and rear, front fork is 770mm and cooperate with 17" and 14" wheel to keep the bike clrearance big maximally pass through obstacle.Brake sysytem are deisgned and modified by BOSUER exclusively .



Engine: 140cc engine, 4-stroke, kick start

Frame: steel 3-bar, steel swing arm

Тркало: предни 17", задни 14"

Суспензија: неприлагодлива

Brake system: BOSUER discs and 2 pistons front brake and 1 pistion rear brake

Muffler & exhaust pipe: steel exhaust pipe, muffler body and end are alloy

ИНGИНА Тип на мотор 140CC,kick start ,liquad cooled, 4-stroke
Bore X stroke(mm) 54 х 54mm
Стапка на изразување 9.0: 1
Max Power 7KW / 7000r / min
Макс вртежен момент 10N.m / 5000r / min
Менувач Брзина на 4
Палење ИРЗ
карбураторот PZ26
Ланец/запчаник 428-15/428-41
ШАСИС Капацитет на гориво 5.2L
Се справи со Бар steel, fat type Ф28.5
Тројна стегач Кована легура, 6061
рамка cast steel and formed steel pipe
Замавна рака formed steel, knife shape, 14inches
Суспензија Предна вилушка: 45/48-770 mm
Rear shock:325mm , inner air box
Кочница disc brake,disc size, front: 220mm,rear:190mm
тркало Steel rim, front:1.6-17/rear:1.85-14
Гуми Tire size: front:70/100-17 /Rear 90/100-14
ДИМЕНЗИИ Максимално вчитување 75kg
Висина на седиштето 830mm
База на тркала 1260mm
Дозвола 320mm
Димензионирање 1830 800 * * 1130mm
Нето маса 80 ± 1 кг
ПАКУВАЊЕ 1600X370X760mm
Бруто тежина 93 ± 2 кг

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