we do not simply build
мотоцикли we craft emotions
We look to the future,and build machines that are always one step ahead.
An innovator in motorcycle design and manufacture from China, BOSUER off road Motorcydes strive to offer the best range of motorcycles possible in their class.Having been established in China since 2004, the current generation of models demonstrate an exceptional balance between quality and price, proving that you can buy a motorcycle which is value for money, not sirnply cheap. The current BOSUER model range is diverse in style and spans 50cc to450cc, with a firm focus on learner legal models.so whether you are looking for your very first geared bike, a trail bike ora competition bike or arecreational bike,BOSUER have the bike for you.
BOSUER is available from a world wide network.
bosuer inovition & special
Zhejiang Bosuer focus on dirt bike power innovation
BOSUER designed and manufactured by Zongshen 250cc 4-valve engine is the preventative of the engine power innovation. Power is the most important for dirt bike performance, BOSUER power expert designed and created prototype 250cc 4-valve engine, the engine power is 18.5kw, increase 6.5kw to a 2-valve engine. Zhejiang Bosuer also modify other types engine to be better than it is before, such as NC250, NC300. Also modify the normal engine side cover to good looking and special features for his products.
All the frame apply to BOSUER dirt bike are designed and developed by BOSUER R&D department.
Considered hard condition under max jumping, big torque to the frame. The frame structure designed suitable for the power choosing and the non-limitation using for off road. The frame made not only consider it is strong enough for off road and also consider as lighter as it can be made. Even a off road products, BOSUER engineers modify the bike carefully with some special art craft to the bike, it looks both perfect and professional.
BOSUER created series of off road bikes, the capacity covers from 50cc to 450cc.
Each bike was developed not only combined with power and frame design, but also configured with its suspension performance and brake and others. With exterior parts design and the bike are looks fashion and good operation simultaneously.